Fantastic Noise

Making On Track In Greensand Country

January 28, 2022

In this episode we take a closer look at the making of 'On Track In Greensand Country', an 'audio journey' created by Terry & Dr Lawrie Hallett in April 2021 for the Greensand Country Festival 2021 & shortlisted in the Community Radio Awards 2021.

Links: - listen to the finished audio here. - listen to 'The Wherryman's Way' here. - listen to 'Primrose and Terry: In The Shed' here.

With thanks to Sally Christopher, Dr. Lawrie Hallett & Nell Seal for their contributions to this podcast.

Fantastic Noise is a podcast about audio production. Recorded in the Radio LaB 97.1FM studios at the University of Bedfordshire. Produced and presented by Terry Lee.

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