Fantastic Noise

TRAIL: Fantastic Noise returns on 21st September 2021

September 14, 2021

Some new episodes of Fantastic Noise will be landing in a podcast app near you(r smartphone) from Tuesday 21st September. Released weekly on Tuesdays, we'll be starting with a conversation with producer Patrick Thomas on how they make Jeremy Vine's BBC Radio 2 programme. In later episodes we will speak with Tash LC from KISS about making specialist music radio, BBC Three Counties Radio's award-winning Justin Dealey talks about voxpops, Emma Saunders talks about her work with BBC 5 Live Sport, and comedian Jim Daly gives us insight into the making of a football fan podcast.

Fantastic Noise is a podcast about making radio. Recorded in the Radio LaB 97.1FM studios at the University of Bedfordshire. Produced and presented by Terry Lee.

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Our art work was produced by Stoo Elvin (, and our theme music is by Liam Ayton, remixed by Daniel Potter.

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